• Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake
    Rp 52,990

    Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake

    Moist apple cake topped with cinnamon sugar to add extra crunch, served with cream cheese

  • Banana Nutella Pizza Banana Nutella Pizza
    Rp 58,990

    Banana Nutella Pizza

    Caramelized bananas, cheese and Nutella pizza

  • Snicker Chocolate Brownies Snicker Chocolate Brownies
    Rp 48,990

    Snicker Chocolate Brownies

    Served warm with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

  • Apple Crumble Apple Crumble
    Rp 57,990

    Apple Crumble

    Apple crumble served with caramel sauce and gelato

  • Hot Chocolate Lava Melt Hot Chocolate Lava Melt
    Rp 52,990

    Hot Chocolate Lava Melt

    Warm chocolate ganache, comes with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce