• Tuna Chili Tuna Chili

    Tuna Chili

    Garlic, olive oil, tuna chunk and chili

  • Aglio Olio Aglio Olio

    Aglio Olio

    Olive oil, garlic and chili

  • Hot Fingers Hot Fingers

    Hot Fingers

    French fries with special hot seasoning

  • Hot Wings Hot Wings

    Hot Wings

    Deep fried chicken wings in hot sauce

  • Korean Wing Korean Wing

    Korean Wings

    Deep fried chicken wings in hot Korean sauce

  • Mexican Fiesta Pizza Mexican Fiesta Pizza
    Rp79,990 / Rp100,990

    Mexican Fiesta

    • Regular - Rp79,990
    • Large - Rp100,990

    Spicy beef, red capsicum, chili flakes and mozzarella

  • Korean Burger Korean Burger

    Korean Chicken Burger

    Crispy fried chicken patty, onion ring with Korean spicy sauce. Served with French fries

  • Korean Spicy Pizza Korean Spicy Pizza
    Rp79,990 / Rp100,990

    Korean Chicken Pizza

    • Regular - Rp79,990
    • Large - Rp100,990

    Diced chicken, mozarella, sesame seed, Korean spciy sauce and mozzarella